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REGISTERED AGENT: Needed if creating or updating an LLC or Corporation. The Registered Agent is a person or entity that is available during business hours to receive service of process (legal documents provided by a process server) on behalf of your business, and coordinate transfer of those documents to you or your most recently provided address.

REGISTERED OFFICE: The address where the registered agent is physically located (actually on site) Monday - Friday from 9am-5pm. It is important to differentiate that your Virtual Office Address is your businesses "Corporate Address" also known legally as your "Principal Office Address", which is a very different thing than your registered agent's "Registered Office" address, so be careful not to confuse the two.

WHEN YOU NEED A REGISTERED AGENT: If you are planning to incorporate or become an LLC, or have already done so, all states require that you have a Registered Agent that resides within the state, and is available to receive legal documents on behalf of your business.

In most states you can list yourself as the registered agent using your home address. CAUTION: Using your name and home address as registered agent and registered office is free, but carries substantial risk. Since this information is VERY public and very easy to access online, most people choose to hire a registered agent for privacy purposes. You never know when some unstable customer is going to show up on your doorstep trying to reach the business owner! Listing your name as the Registered Agent at the virtual office address is a violation of Commercial Code (illegal) since you are not physically at that location.

Add this service when you Sign Up for a virtual office. Registered Agent specific information is provided after sign up by Email. You can always add this service later - just call or email us.

If you have an existing corporation (you will already have a registered agent) you can file to update this information with the secretary of state. TRUE Space offers this service for a flat fee (information provided in your signup confirmation email).

How to Update in GEORGIA: Log in to your account with the secretary of state and file an online Amended Annual Registration, provided you have already filed your annual registration. During that filing, you can update your Principal Office Address (corporate address) and registered agent name and registered office address information. If you are filing a new LLC or incorporating, you input the information when doing the online corporate filing.

Update in TEXAS: To change your registered agent: you can log into your Texas Secretary of State account (SOSDirect) and navigate to make the filing. The online process is somewhat confusing and it is easy to make mistakes. By Mail, use printed Form 403 "Certificate of Correction. Foreign Corporations (those based outside Texas) file Form 406 "Amendment to Registration" with the Texas Sec of State."

Business & Primary Account Manager Details

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Parent Business

IMPORTANT: This virtual office is only for the one Business Name listed at the top of this form.
The top of form Business Name (exactly as entered), NOT the Parent Business Name, will be granted the right to use the TRUE Space Virtual Office (business address). If you would like to use the TRUE Space Virtual Office business address with the DBA's parent business or other business names, you must create an Additional Virtual Office for each business name. You will receive a 20% discount on the monthly virtual office cost for all additional virtual offices registered under the same Primary Account Manager, if the Primary account is an Entrepreneur Level Plan.

This email is used to send official communications about this account such as billing and account notifications. MUST be an active/working email today! Can be changed later.

Primary Account Manager

Home or Physical Business Address. No PO Boxes, Mailbox Store or Virtual Office Addresses.
No PO Boxes, or PMB's.
Functions as backup email if Account Manager’s Email fails.

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Add secondary account managerIs someone else sharing responsibility for this account?

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Add authorized pick up personPeople added here will be able to pick up mail on your behalf with matching/valid ID

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Package Service: Forward Automatically

Package Forwarding Deposits must be provided by check or money order. Mailing instructions will be provided via email after checkout is complete. You are welcome to provide a larger package forwarding deposit if you anticipate frequent package forwarding.

Forward packages to

No PO Boxes, Mailbox Store or Virtual Office addresses.

Package Notices


Master Account Manager
Acme Incorporated
Virtual Office Location
Monthly or Annually

Plan:Basic Plan - Virtual Office

Billing Period:Monthly


Registered Agent Service

None Selected

Billing Period:Monthly


Mail Service

Mail forwarding:Forward upon request

Mail Forwarding Deposit and replenishment amount:$25.00

People authorized to pick up mail or packages:Sally Sweetbriar

Forwarding Address:Larry Longleaf
456 Peachtree Glen
Atlanta, GA 30316

Recurring Payments
Virtual Office Service
2nd Account Discount Applied
Registered Agent Service (Monthly)
Initial Payment Amount
Mail Forwarding Deposit$538.99
Virtual Office Deposit$36.00
Prorated first month$538.99
Prepaid final month of Virtual Office service$36.00
Total Initial Payment Amount$149.99
Next recurring payment date: 8/1/20248/1/2025
Annual Recurring VO Amount: $44.99
Annual Recurring RA Amount: $0.00


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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Cancellation: The primary service associated with a virtual office is the "Right" to use the TRUE Space address. Once TRUE Space has issued your virtual office account Confirmation Email, that "Right" is granted for the calendar month and any prepaid periods. The "Right" continues and monthly charges are due until your formal "Cancellation Date". You properly close your account by doing the following: 1) Email us at that you are giving 30 Day Notice of Cancellation, 2) Ensure your account is paid in full; 3) You cease using the issued virtual office address and remove it from all accounts, websites, business license filings, and corporate filings. We operate on a calendar month system, your formal "Cancellation Date" will be the last day of the calendar month in which the 30th day of your 30 day notice falls. Refunds: Due to the digital granting of the "Right" to use our address through this Sign Up Form, No refunds of service costs are provided after issuance of your Confirmation Email. Prepaid annual service plans are not refundable. Other prepaid service periods are non-refundable. Deposit refunds are made in accordance with proper account closure per your service agreement.