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Mail Pickup


When mail arrives at your business mailbox we will send you a TRUE Space Mail Alert email including the mail sender's name, your mail box number, mail room door code, mail pickup hours (building open hours including Saturday hours).  TRUE Space is the only virtual office that offers this mail notification service!

If you live more than 50 miles from the TRUE Space office and wish to pick up your mail, a "Mail Forwarding Deposit As Backup" ($25.00) is required to ensure we can deliver your mail to you in the event your mailbox becomes full. This deposit is refundable less 4% to cover card processing fees.

Mail Scanning

(International only)

This service is only available to clients outside the United States. Mail is opened scanned and emailed to you. We recommend selecting "Dispose of all obvious junk mail" to minimize scanning costs.

Mail Scanning Cost

The scanning fee is $5.00 for the first 10 pages/sides and $1.00 for each additional page/side. Scanning costs are deducted from your Mail Forwarding Deposit Account created and funded when adding this service ($50.00 Mail Fwd Deposit). When your Mail Forwarding Deposit balance falls below $7.00 the system automatically replenishes the balance by processing another $50.00 to the payment card on file. Mail Forwarding Deposits are refundable less 4% to cover card processing fees.

Mail Forwarding Options

Forward Upon Request

When mail is received we send you a "Mail Alert" email including sender information shown on the envelope(s). You can ignore the email and that mail will be stored in your mailbox. Or, you can reply to the mail alert email with "Please Forward". At that point, all mail in your mailbox will be aggregated into a larger envelope and mailed to you. No notifications are sent for obvious junk mail. Forwarding Upon Request gives you the most control over your mail flow and mail forwarding costs, but important mail can end up sitting in your mailbox if you do not actively read and respond to mail alert emails.

Forward Weekly

There are no email notifications and mail is automatically forwarded to you at the end of each week. If you only have obvious junk mail in your mailbox, we won't forward that mail until you have other "real" mail.

Mail Forwarding Cost

There is no monthly cost for mail forwarding. You only pay when mail is forwarded. We proudly offer the lowest cost mail forwarding service in the industry. The cost of mail forwarding each batch of mail is a $4.00 service fee + actual postage cost. We deduct those amounts from your Mail Forwarding Deposit Account created and funded when adding mail forwarding services. For U.S. based clients, the minimum Mail Forwarding Deposit is $25.00. Outside the U.S. $50.00. When your mail forwarding deposit balance falls below $7.00 the system automatically replenishes the balance by processing another $25.00 ($50.00 international) to the payment card on file. Mail Forwarding Deposits are refundable less 4% to cover card processing fees. A "batch" of mail can be anywhere from 1 piece of mail forwarded, up to as much mail as will fit in an 11" x 17" envelope (and still be able to be sent as mail vs. as a package). Typically 9-15 pieces of mail fills an 11" x 17" envelope, but varies by thickness and size of mail.

Junk Mail , Catalogs, Magazines, Newspapers, Scam Mail

JUNK MAIL: At sign up, all clients must elect a preference to either "Save all obvious junk mail" or "Discard all obvious junk mail". We see a lot of junk mail come through our offices and it becomes easy to identify. Rest assured that any mail that we aren't 100% sure is junk mail will always be delivered to you regardless of your selection. 
CATALOGS/MAGAZINES/NEWSPAPERS/SCAM MAIL: Please note that when you create your virtual office, you are instructing TRUE Space to discard all catalogs, magazines, and newspapers. When hundreds or thousands of clients receive these items at the same time the shear bulk and weight becomes unmanageable for our mail rooms. Please have these items delivered to your residential address. You are also instructing TRUE Space to discard all known scam mail. There are many unethical businesses that prey upon new business owners, sending official looking mail designed to trick you into paying for fake or valueless services. 

Mail Rules, Limits, Tips

  • Business Name Required: All mail must include your full business name in the address, as registered with TRUE Space.
  • No Personal Mail: Mail addressed only to your personal name must be returned to sender per U.S. Post Office Rules.
  • No Signature: We are unable to sign for any signature required mail.
  • Banks & Credit Cards: When ordering a credit or debit card always ensure your business name is printed on the card. Banks will mail cards and account associated mail to the name(s) printed on the card.
  • No Mass Mailings: The virtual office address can not be used as the return address on mass mailings.
    Mass mailings that use purchased database lists are notoriously inaccurate resulting in hundreds or thousands of pieces of returned mail and are prohibited in association with a virtual office address.
  • Pickup Mail Every 30 Days: Mail pickup clients should pick up mail at least once every 30 days. If mail accumulates to the point it must be shipped in a box or as a package, package shipping rates and fees will apply.
  • Optional Mail Forwarding Via FedEx or UPS: Mail and FedEx/UPS/DHL envelopes can be forwarded via FedEx or UPS overnight, 2nd day air, or ground upon request. A separate Express/Ground Forwarding Deposit funded by check or money order is required for this service. See FAQ's for more detail. Minimum deposit amount $50.00 ($150.00 recommended). The Overnight, 2nd Day Air, or Ground service fee is $15.00 in addition to shipping costs.
  • A USPS Form 1583 must be completed and returned to us before mail can be processed to you.
    The USPS Form 1583 is a single page document required by the U.S. Post Office to initiate virtual office mail service. It enables you to designate another entity (TRUE Space) as your "mail agent" (authorizing us to receive your mail on your behalf). Once you complete the USPS Form 1583 you return to TRUE Space along with the two required forms of ID. One ID must be a government photo ID and the second can be from a long list of ID options.TRUE Space will email this form to you, along with detailed instructions and an example form, once your virtual office is set up.

Package Service Information

Package Limitation

TRUE Space does not provide package receiving services. But, we can receive limited packages associated with business startup including: business checks, business cards, corporate seals, and incorporation kits. Corporate item package shipments must be picked up within 3 business days of notification. All other small packages received through FedEx, UPS or US Mail will be returned to sender as undeliverable. Packages we can't easily return will be discarded.