Workspace Rentals: Does TRUE Space offer office, cubicle, or desk rentals?
Yes, We offer monthly rentals of offices, cubicles, and designated desks. Availability varies with location. We do not offer hourly or daily workspace rentals.
Update Payment Card: How Can I update my payment card on my account?
1) Use the link in the footer of this website
2) Use the link in the email you received saying a payment was unsuccessful
3) Contact us via phone
4) Email us requesting an Update Card link
No Rate Increases: Is it true that there is never a rate increase for virtual office accounts?
Yes, all you need to do is keep your account current (paid on time) and you enjoy grandfathered pricing that never increases.
How does TRUE Space offer the best prices and the highest level of service in the industry?
At TRUE Space our primary focus is virtual office services. We directly handle all services for our clients in house.
Most of our competitors are just advertising fronts for executive suite locations that are seeking additional revenue. Unlike TRUE Space, the industry norm is that there are numerous online advertising fronts (all different names) selling virtual office services for the same locations. They don’t actually provide any of the virtual office services, but just handle billing and get a cut of that monthly virtual office fee. As their client, you are stuck dealing with a middleman who isn’t actually able to answer your questions. The end result is always low quality service and lots of frustration.
At TRUE Space we are virtual office specialists. We provide all services in house. You get premier service at honest industry leading prices.
Can I use a VO for a real estate agency or brokerage?
Yes, but with caveats:
Independent agents who are setting up their personal agency image can absolutely use a TRUE Space virtual office as their agency address. Important: Never list the virtual office address on your personal agent or broker license filing with the state!

Brokerage use: Ok to use if you won't have sub-agents. This is because brokerage rules require sub-agents of the broker to display the broker's name and broker's address on their advertisements. The agent could use a home address for their agency and list the broker's address only in association with the broker's name, but invariably, agents assume the broker's address and start advertising their agency at that address. This violates the TRUE Space Service Agreement and will cause your mail service to be suspended due to their violation. Since each real estate agent under a broker is an independent contractor, they each will need to set up their own TRUE Space virtual office account. Brokers are responsible for the actions of their sub-agents and will be held responsible for the cost of sub-agent virtual office services if unpaid by sub-agent. This creates a difficult situation for the brokerage who may need to carry the costs of non-paying sub-agents, for address use and placement on websites they can not control. Hence, we don't recommend it.
Does a virtual office count as a "physical address"?
In most cases yes, but for situations like applying for loans or for government contracts, a virtual office does not qualify as a physical address. Banks allow use of the address for accounts, but once you apply for loans, they expect you to have a physical workspace (we offer those too). For more information on an address for government contracts see the FAQ under "Sign Up" referencing
Is there free parking?
TRUE Space is proud to provide free short-term 15 minute parking for mail pickup at all locations except Midtown Atlanta. Parking when using meeting rooms is free at all locations except Midtown Atlanta. Our Midtown Atlanta location has numerous parking options including short term under building parking and metered street parking. No overnight parking is allowed at any TRUE Space location.
Do you offer phone numbers or call answering services?
No. As a business owner you absolutely want to own your phone number and should not use a phone number that is tied to a virtual office. Bundling these services into a virtual office account may seem like a simple and easy solution, but in reality, is really bad for your business. There are many online services that can provide a phone number that you can own and manage at very low costs, and which include phone menus, call forwarding, voicemail, etc. Third party call answering services requires substantial preparation and training just to receive average results as perceived by the caller (your client). Instead consider that the free voice menus and call routing services associated with most phone number providers will meet the needs of about 95% of all small businesses. If you really need someone to answer your phones, we strongly suggest a professional answering service. To get a business phone number we recommend looking at
Can I use the TRUE Space address as the address of my corporations officers or organizers when making my corporate filing with the Secretary of State?
We do not mind if you use our address for this purpose, provided you have an active virtual office account the entire time the address is being used. But, if at some point you end your virtual office service you will need to change/remove our address information in order for your virtual office account to close and stop billing. The process varies from state to state.

A) Corporations (Inc, Corp): A relatively easy online filing correction for a corporation to make these changes to it's Officers addresses. In Georgia the corporate officers addresses are updated via an online Amended Annual Registration or Annual Registration filing with the GA Secretary of State.
B) LLC: It is substantially more complicated for an LLC to make these changes to it's Organizers addresses. It typically requires a Restatement of Articles of Organization be filed with the GA Secretary of State. In Georgia, there is no simple online form or paper form available. This document must be drafted and submitted via paper filing to the Secretary of State on compliance with GA Commercial Code. To make this filing you may need the help of a corporate attorney.

A) Corporations & LLC's both make the change to Officers or Organizer's (Managing Members) addresses by filing Form 424 to update their information under Governing Authority, and must submit this via a paper filing to the Texas Secretary of State, in duplicate, along with the state filing fee.
If I have multiple virtual office accounts (various business names) and I close the first account I created, how does that affect the remaining accounts that are receiving the 20% discount?
If you close your Primary virtual office account, the next virtual office account you created becomes the new Primary account. The 20% discount is removed from this account, but remains on any other virtual office accounts associated with the same account manager.

Package Services

Can I receive packages for by business at TRUE Space?
No, TRUE Space does not provide package receiving services. But, we have special allowances for the receipt of packages containing business cards, business checks, corporate seals, and incorporation kits that must be sent to the business address.
Are FedEx and UPS overnight and 2nd day air envelopes considered mail or packages?
We treat these express envelopes as mail in terms of the notification process that mail has arrived. Normal mail pickup procedures apply. If you request the envelope to be forwarded to you via overnight or 2nd day air the item falls under our Forwarding Envelopes by UPS or FedEx rules.
Can I use the virtual office address as my return address on products I ship to my clients, or as an RMA (returns) address?
No, the virtual office address cannot be used as the return/shipper address on retail or wholesale product shipments to clients or as an RMA/Returns address.

Registered Agent

What is a registered agent?
A registered agent is a person or entity appointed to accept legal documents delivered by a process server or other official mail on behalf of your business. You need to have a registered agent if filing as a corporation or LLC with the secretary of state.
Can I list my name at the virtual office address as the registered agent?
No. A registered agent needs to be physically at the address during business hours. TRUE Space offers Registered Agent Services in Georgia and Texas for a small added monthly fee.
In which states does TRUE Space office Registered Agent Service?
Registered Agent Services are available in Georgia and Texas.
Why should I use TRUE Space for registered agent services when I can be my own registered agent at my home address?
You are allowed to list yourself as your registered agent if you also list your home address as your registered agent address. This can become problematic as anyone can do a 5 second lookup on the secretary of state website and see your home address. Most business owners prefer to separate their personal life from their business life and don’t want their home address so easily found. You never know if you will have an unhappy client that shows up on your doorstep.

Mail Services

How do I know if I have mail?
As a Mail Pickup or Mail Forwarding Upon Request client, whenever mail or packages arrive, we will send you an email that includes sender information, your mailbox number, and pickup instructions.
How do I pick up mail?
Your Mail Alert email notification includes detailed instructions on how to retrieve your mail including hours and building access instructions. You will need the access code provided in the email to retrieve your mail.
If I am a Mail Pickup client, can I call or email you with a special request to have my mail forwarded?
We are always happy to help get your mail to you. If you need your mail and can’t pick it up, just let us know and we will be happy to help. Special mail forwarding charges will apply. A Mail Forwarding Deposit will be required upon receipt of a second special request.
Can mail be addressed to my personal name (business name not included in the address)?
No. To comply with U.S. Post Office rules, mail must always include your business name in the address to be processed to your mailbox. It is fine if mail is addressed to both your name and your business name.
How often do I need to pick up my mail?
We request that you pick up your mail every 30 days.
Is there free parking for picking up mail?
At most TRUE Space business centers parking is free for mail pickup (15 minutes or less). The only exception is our Midtown Atlanta location where metered street parking or paid garage parking are available. Parking is typically free for meetings in our rented conference rooms (Excluding Midtown Atlanta).
Am I required to use Mail Forwarding Services if I do not live in the local area?
Yes, TRUE Space is obligated as your mail agent to ensure mail can be delivered to you. If you are not in the local area where you can pick up mail, you must enroll in mail forwarding services. You have full control of mail forwarding and there is no cost unless mail is actually forwarded to you. If you have a local residential address in the metro area, or can provide a driver’s license of another person that lives in the local metro area, that can pick up your mail, your virtual office account does not require mail forwarding.
Is there a monthly cost for mail forwarding service?
No, you only pay when mail is actually forwarded. There is a small mail forwarding service charge + the actual cost of postage. Usually cheaper than the cost of gas to drive to the office, not to mention your time.
How do I pay for mail forwarding?
Mail forwarding clients provide a Mail Forwarding Deposit from which mail forwarding costs are deducted. When the balance drops below $7.00, we replenish your mail forwarding deposit through your payment card on file. Mail forwarding service is billed by the "batch" ($4.00 service fee per batch + actual postage). A batch could be one piece of mail or as much mail as can fit in an 11" x 13" envelope and still ship via mail, vs. package rates.
How is my Mail Forwarding Deposit replenished?
When your Mail Forwarding Deposit balance drops below $7.00, we automatically replenish the funds by processing another $25.00 ($50.00 for international clients) to your payment card on file. Mail Forwarding Deposits are refundable deposits.
Can you scan and email mail to me?
We offer mail scanning services for our international clients only. Scanning costs apply and are deducted from your Mail Forwarding Deposit balance.
Can I receive mail addressed to my name (no business name in the address block)?
No. All mail and packages must be addressed to the business name as listed on your virtual office account. That name must also match the USPS Form 1583 you provide to us after your account is established. It is perfectly fine to also include your personal name, or a name of a coworker or employee in the address, as long as the business name is also part of the address.
Our ability to receive and process mail to you is strictly regulated by the US Post Office.
When signing up for debit or credit cards, always ensure your business name is included on the actual card. Banks address related account mail to the names as shown on the physical card.
Business Name Abbreviation Use: Can I use an abbreviation of my business name for mail (Example: use OMP, LLC in place of my business name "Onguard Metal Plating, LLC")?
No. All mail must include your formal business name. Using "OMP, LLC" in the example is a DBA (Does Business As) and would require a separate virtual office account for the shortened DBA name.
Mass Mailings: Can I use the virtual office address as the return address on mass mailings?
No, this is strictly prohibited and is a US Postal Service Violation. The quality of database mailing lists is so low, even from those database sellers that promise 99.99% accuracy, it results in massive volumes of returned mail. Due to the number of virtual office clients at each of our locations, returned mail from mass mailings would quickly overwhelm the postal carrier. So use of the virtual office address with mass mailings from purchased or shared databases is strictly prohibited.
Certified Mail: Will TRUE Space sign for certified mail addressed to my business?
TRUE Space is unable to sign for signature required US Post Office mail or package deliveries delivered to virtual office clients. Postal carriers delivering signature required items will leave a standard Pickup at Post Office slip that we pass on to you.
Google Business Profile (Formerly "Google My Business"): Can I register my business with Google at this address?
Absolutely! Just be sure to list your business as a Service Business NOT a storefront business where customers can shop. The Google address verification process is constantly changing. TRUE Space works to adapt our information to help you through the process.

Google Business Profiles (Formerly known as "Google My Business") is an awesome free advertising service for your business allowing your business to appear in Google search results and on the Google Map.

Google will want to verify your business is at the address. The most recent, and most restrictive verification method Google has ever used, is a video based requirement (continuous video) that shows the building number on the outside (including street sign if possible), walking to the suite, the suite number, entry to the suite, your business card with address on the card, and either a piece of mail addressed to your business at the address, or a copy of your Secretary of State certificate of incorporation or LLC formation. This can be a challenging effort to successfully create this video that must be under 5 minutes. The goal is to control the video to avoid showing "TRUE Space" signage to avoid confusion. We recommend that you do not talk in the video and have a fully charged battery to help avoid lost cellular data signal in elevators.

RULES: Moving furniture, moving signs, hanging any signage in the TRUE Space office, moving or covering our existing signage, or utilizing other desks or offices in our spaces that you have not rented, will result in termination of TRUE Space services. We regularly review security camera footage for these violations.
Can you provide more info on the latest Google Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business) Verification Process?
We reviewed the Google Verification Video process and we have created the below guide to help you create a video for Google. This is a constantly changing process and success will be based on your mobile phone video skills and ability to present convincing printed documents in your video. Successfully getting a video approved by Google is challenging and the video is shot while connected to your Google account, using their "in website/app" video system.

Our latest advice: Google Verification Video (max 5 minutes) shot using mobile phone and uploaded to Google Business Profiles using QR Code
Things you will need other than your phone.
• Business card or other printed collateral showing your business name and the address
• Piece of mail that was received by your business at the address (best if from a bank or well known business entity). OR, Certificate of Incorporation or LLC Formation from the Secretary of State showing your business name and the address.

Pre walk (test shoot) the video so you know how to shoot it to try to avoid showing the TRUE Space signs or other business names to avoid confusion with Google. We recommend that you don’t speak in the video. It is important that you have a fully charged phone battery to help avoid lost cellular data signal while ascending in elevators.

• Start outside and video street sign if one exists, if no street sign do a quick 360 view and then video building exterior and building # on the exterior of building or of the building monument sign near the street.
• If you rent an Office (show your company name on the building lobby directory).
• Take elevator if needed (show pushing correct button for the floor)
• Video suite # just outside TRUE Space door (avoid showing words “TRUE Space” on suite placard if possible to avoid confusion) Don’t video your business name on the TRUE Space in suite directory as that can cause confusion due to the other businesses listed on the directory.
• Enter suite – avoid videoing “TRUE Space” sign if possible and avoid videoing TRUE Space business cards on counter. Show that you are entering a door code for entry to prove you have access.
• Smyrna Location Only: For access inside the suite, you will need to reserve the conference room for 1 hour to have an access code to enter the main area. You will want to walk to the conference room where you will then show your business card and piece of mail. Do not try to pretend to use a desk or office within the suite. Don’t video the access code as you enter the code.
• Video your business card or other printed collateral with address printed
• Video piece of mail addressed to your business name at the address. OR, Certificate of Incorporation or LLC Formation from the Secretary of State showing your business name and the address.

Recommended Tip: Rent the conference room for an hour and pre position your laptop computer in the conference room displaying your business name/logo on the TV as if you are giving a presentation in the room. As you enter the suite, quickly walk to the conference room, enter the door code (without videoing the code) enter and then video your business name on the tv and then show your business card with the address and your piece of mail.

RULES: Moving furniture, moving signs, hanging any signage in the TRUE Space office, moving or covering our existing signage, or utilizing other desks or offices in our spaces that you have not rented, will result in termination of TRUE Space services. We regularly review security camera footage for these violations.

PROBLEMS? We hear from clients that the success rate for these videos not great on the first attempt. Some are successful and find the process easy while others require 3 or 4 attempts. Some clients just can't seem to get approved. We do know that if you have a website and the address is listed on that website, it can expedite the process. This is especially true for Google Search Console users (website is already registered with Google Search Console). If you selected "storefront" for your business category instead of "Service Area Business", you will not be able to get verified by Google as there is no way to meet their requirements. If you made this mistake, start over with a new google email. If you try to show your business using our reception counter, your video will be rejected. Google wants to see you entering a locked office space such as the conference room. If you try hanging a taped sign of a building directory near the elevator, or a sign with your business name, your video will be rejected. They see these tricks every day and know they are red flags.
Can you forward mail via overnight, 2nd day air, or ground (FedEx / UPS)?
We are happy to forward mail via FedEx or UPS overnight, 2nd day air, or ground. Due to the high costs associated with these services, the Mail Forwarding Deposit is not sufficient to cover these costs. Clients interested in having items shipped by FedEx or UPS must first establish an "Express/Ground Forwarding Deposit" funded by check or money order. Minimum deposit of $50.00 (we recommend $150.00 minimum) Mail to TRUE Space, Inc., 2400 Herodian Way SE, #220, Smyrna, GA 30080. Business and personal checks require 7 days to clear before funds are released. Money orders and cashiers checks provide immediate funds availability. A service fee of $15.00 applies to each shipment in addition to actual shipping costs. Shipper will be chosen by TRUE Space (most efficient is selected). Shipper requests can not be accepted. We can not use your labels or shipping account for shipments.
Amazon Seller Use - Can I use the TRUE Space address for my Amazon Seller Account?
Absolutely! Please note that the verification pin postcard from Amazon typically arrives 7 to 10 days AFTER Amazon tells you it should have arrived. These verification postcards are sent via a blended UPS and US Mail delivery service with unpredictable delivery timing since the US Post Office is involved. The Amazon/UPS progress bar will show delivered long before it actually arrives.

At TRUE Space we have special requirements for Amazon address use in order to maintain the best possible experience with our address for all our clients. To help prevent fraud on Amazon through use of our address, we require clients to prepay for 6 months of virtual office service if they want to use the address on their Amazon Seller Account. After the prepaid 6 month period, the virtual office account will transition to normal monthly billing. Create your virtual office account today and select monthly or annual billing. We will notify you when the verification pin arrives and request payment for 6 months of service at that time if you have not already prepaid for a full year. Once paid we will scan and email the card information to you for maximum efficiency.
Can I list my business on Bing Places or Apple Maps and receive a verification card at TRUE Space?
At TRUE Space we have special requirements for Google, Bing Places, and Apple Maps address use with verification by card sent through the mail. In order to maintain the best possible experience with our address for all our clients. To help ensure minimal address churn with Bing Places and Apple Maps, we require clients to prepay for 6 months of virtual office service if you want to use the address on Bing Places, or Apple Maps. After the prepaid 6 month period, the virtual office account will transition to normal monthly billing. Create your virtual office account today and select monthly or annual billing. We will notify you when the verification pin arrives and request payment for 6 months of service at that time if you have not already prepaid for a full year. Once paid we will scan and email the card information to you for maximum efficiency.

Sign Up

How do I sign up?
You can do everything online in about 5 minutes on this website. Click "Sign Up" and follow the steps. Virtual office accounts require manual processing to confirm details. Your virtual office will be live and you will receive your Confirmation Email within 2 hours if submitted during business hours. If submitted after hours, within 2 hours of the start of the next day. If submitted over the weekend within 24 hours. If you prefer to sign up over the phone, please call us during normal business hours.
How long does it take to establish my virtual office?
It takes about 5 minutes to complete the Sign Up process. Then we manually process the new virtual office account. Signups received on weekdays during business hours are typically processed and active in under 2 hours. After hours signup Monday through Thursday are processed in the first 2 hours of the next business day. Weekend sign ups can take up to 24 hours to process.
Payment Methods: What payment methods are accepted for a virtual office account?
Credit and debit cards including Mastercard, VISA, AMEX, and Discover.
Monthly Payments: How do I make my monthly virtual office payment?
Payments are automatically processed on the 1st of each month to your payment card on file. If the payment card is unable to accept the monthly charge a grace period is provided through the 4th of the month at 5:00pm EST.
When can I start using my virtual office?
You can start using the address upon receipt of the “TRUE Space Virtual Office CONFIRMATION” email.
How long is a virtual office commitment?
Virtual office services are offered on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled at any time with a 30 day notice of cancellation email. Note: Clients who prepay for 12 months have a 12 month commitment associated with the discounted rate.
If I have multiple businesses, can I use the same virtual office for all of them?
Each business must have its own virtual office account. We are happy to offer a 20% discount on top of our already low rates for additional virtual offices managed by the same account manager.
DBA's: If I have a Virtual Office account can I use that same Virtual Office account for additional DBA (Does Business As) businesses?
No, each business name, even if it is just a DBA name, requires its own virtual office account. TRUE Space provides a 20% discount on the monthly virtual office cost of each additional business registered to the same account manager.
Additional Virtual Office(s) Discount: How do I get the 20% discount on additional virtual office accounts?
The Sign Up Form will ask for your account number. The new Virtual Office Account will automatically have the same primary account manager as the existing account number you entered. This can not be changed. The 20% discount on virtual office monthly or annual service will start on your first recurring billing month or immediately if paying annually. The 20% discount does not apply to deposits, prorated current month, and prepaid final month.
If I have multiple virtual offices, is the monthly payment processed to my payment card as a single charge or separate charges for each account?
Each virtual office is considered a separate business entity and payments are individually processed for each account. Similarly, when updating a payment card that is used on multiple virtual offices, you need to update the card information on each virtual office separately.
Updating Payment Card with Multiple Virtual Offices: If I update my payment card on one virtual office account, will that automatically update the payment card info on my other virtual office accounts?
No, each virtual office is considered a separate entity and payment information must be updated independently for each virtual office. To update the payment card either:
1) Use the link in the footer of this website
2) Use the link in the email you received saying a payment was unsuccessful
3) Contact us via phone
4) Email us requesting an Update Card link
What will my address be?
Your address will match the location and suite address (no extended address). This information will be included in your Confirmation Email you will receive after your Sign Up is processed. An example of how your business address will appear is: 123 Main Street, Suite 240, Atlanta, GA 30080
Do I get a unique address?
No. Although we can give you a unique PMB address if you need it for special business needs (extremely rare). All clients at a location use the same mailing address and we process your mail internally to your mailbox. These days you want a formal Geographic Information Systems (GIS) registered address vs. a fake unique address or an address requiring a PMB or extended suite number. This is because banks, online databases, Google and other search engines validate your address against the GIS databases. Technology has made fake "real" or "unique" suite number obsolete and actually damaging to a business using one. A valid GIS address can also provide higher SEO value (yes, each address can provide a component of SEO value for your website). Plus, only with a GIS registered address can you use some amazing free advertising services like Google Business Profiles or Bing Places.
Will my virtual office provide me with a document that qualifies as a "lease"?
No, a virtual office in no way qualifies as a lease. The virtual office service agreement is available on our website in the sign up process and in the website footer. There are no fields on that document where you can fill in your business information.

To receive a document that will meet requirements of those requesting you provide a "lease" you need to rent a physical space (work space) that has physical identifier and is not shared with any other party. Fortunately, TRUE Space offers Designated Desks, Cubicles, and Office rentals that can meet your lease needs. Our Designated Desks are the lowest priced work space option in the market that qualifies to provide a document meeting "lease requirements" (see the "Office Space" link at the top of the page). You can request the work space rental agreement to specify a term of 3, 6, or 12 months. We recommend going with 12 months if applying for government contracts, grants or loans.
Government Contract Use: Does a Virtual Office address meet requirements when applying for government contracts or grants?
This gets confusing since the instructions say you can use a virtual office address. But in reality no virtual office will meet the requirements for a physical address. The two hard to catch requirements are; 1) The document must be a "lease" which a virtual office never is, and 2) The requirement to have full time open access to an office for meetings. Although virtual offices offer meeting rooms for rent, full time access is not included (would need to state that in your "lease" agreement). Thus, to meet the requirements to obtain a cage number, you need an actual physical designated space (not shared). Options include a designated office, cubicle, or desk (assigned a specific identifier such as: Office 1, Cubicle C2, Desk D1). TRUE Space "Workspace Rental Agreements" do comply with requirements, but virtual office service agreements do not. Note: If using an office, cubicle or designated desk with, is important to maintain your designated physical space as long as you are seeking, actively fulfilling a government contract, or working under a government grant. They periodically verify active rentals with us.
LLC and Incorporation: Can I use a virtual office address to incorporate (LLC, Inc., Corp, LLP)?
Yes, the virtual office address can be used as your legal principal business address and business mailing address. It can NOT be used as the Registered Agent address. Georgia and Texas virtual office clients have the option of signing up for TRUE Space Registered Agent Services as an add on service.
Bank Account Use: Can I use the TRUE Space address as my business address for my business bank account?
Yes. Please note that if you are an LLC or incorporated business, banks will typically require that the address you are providing them as your business address matches the address on your corporate filing with the state. Do that step (state filing) if you plan to do it, before opening your business bank accounts.
If the bank offers you a free personal account along with your business account, be sure to use a different mailing address for that personal account, otherwise mail for that account would be addressed only to your personal name and would not be able to be received at TRUE Space.
Business Name Change: Can I change my business name after setting up my virtual office?
It's very easy to update your business name before you start using the address with vendors, banks, and advertising. When creating your virtual office, enter the business name you intend to use. Include the intended "LLC", "Inc.", or other suffix if you plan to legally register as a corporation with the secretary of state. If your business name changes, let us know right away so we can update the virtual office account so mail can be received for that business name.

Once a particular business name is fully in use with the TRUE Space address (on websites, internet directories, and/or mail is being received) you will need to set up another virtual office for the new/different business name, and then give 30 day notice to close the original virtual office. You then use this transition period to update the business name with all your contacts and we can still process any inbound mail to you using the old business name.
Why do I have to prepay my final month?
This enables us to immediately turn off payment card billing when you give your 30-day notice of cancellation.
Additional Account Manager: Can I list more than one person as the “Account Manager” with full access control over the virtual office account?
Yes, although one person is the primary account manager, we allow another person to be listed as the Secondary Account Manager with equal authority to make changes to the account.
Can I use the address for business license purposes?
This applies to our Georgia clients since Texas does not require business licenses for most businesses. ANSWER: Yes! TRUE Space's Georgia locations are all eligible for business license application. TRUE Space is unique in that we are the only virtual office accepted for business licenses in several prominent government areas. We go the extra mile to work with major cities and county offices to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients. Note: Government bodies sometimes change their processes. We adapt as quickly as possible to help our clients, but if a major process or policy change is put in place by a governmental body, it may impact the ability of new applications for business licenses. Let us know of any problems so we can work our magic behind the scenes.

Corporate Formation and Filing

How do I start the process to have TRUE Space form my LLC or corporation?
Once you have your business address and registered agent, email us at Include your business name, state where you want to create your entity, your name, email, phone number, best time during the business day to contact you. A TRUE Space corporate formation specialist will call you to gather information and start the process.
Does you help with Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) filings?
Yes, TRUE Space can make your federal Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) filing as required by FinCEN. This filing is required by all business and is used by the federal government to track down company owners when crimes are committed. In 2024, all new entities must file a BOI within 90 days of entity formation. All entities formed before 2024 must file within the calendar year 2024. In 2025, all new entities must file within 30 days of formation. Once filed, repeat filings are required every 4 years. There are a few business types that are exempt from this filing (investment companies, insurance producer, tax exempt), but the vast majority of businesses must file. TRUE Charges a filing fee for this service. See the Corporate Filings page of this website for more information and to start the filing process.

*Please note that we are required to obtain secure personal information from you during this filing and you will be required to provide two forms of ID. Secure personal information is input live while on the phone with you. TRUE Space does not store any secure personal information.

Canceling Service

What is the process to close my virtual office account?
Email us at from your email associated with your virtual office account. Notify us that you are giving your 30-Day Notice of Cancellation and be sure to include your business name in the email. You will receive a cancellation receipt email within 24 hours stating that we have received your cancellation request. The email will also include information about the steps to take to ensure you are no longer using the TRUE Space address on your formal Cancellation Date, so your virtual office can close as requested.
How do I remove the virtual office address from my state corporate filing (Secretary of State) after I have given my 30 day notice of cancellation?
To update your corporate address (and registered agent information if applicable)

If you have already filed your first regular annual renewal with the Secretary of State: You need to file an Amended Annual Registration. This can be done online at the Secretary of State website in about 5 minutes.

If you are a new corporation/LLC/LLP and have NOT yet filed your first regular annual renewal with the Secretary of State: Then you will need to file a new regular Annual Registration. This can be done online in about 5 minutes.

The correction to a business mailing address is simple, quick and free. (Note: Not applicable for Foreign Corporations or Non Profits that already have tax exempt status). You will first need your TX SOS File Number: Get from doing a search at:
THEN update the business mailing address via the Texas Comptroller Website. Use the below link.
When are deposits refunded?
When the account is closed in compliance with our cancellation policy and request for deposit refund is received, deposit balances are refunded 45 days after your formal Cancellation Date. The formal Cancellation Date is the last day of the calendar month in which the 30th day of your 30-day notice of cancellation falls.
How can I cancel my 30 Day Notice of Cancellation once given?
If you change your mind and wish to keep your virtual office account open, just call or email us to let us know. We can return your account to normal Active status. If your prepaid final month has been applied to your account you will need to pay for that month of service to replenish your prepaid final month on your account.