TRUE Space

Virtual offices designed
for business success


- Professional Business Address (Office Building)    
- Business Mailbox 
- Email Notification When Mail Arrives             
- Easy Mail Pickup or Forwarding To Your Address
- In Suite Directory Listing
Eligible to Rent Meeting Rooms
- Rate Lock Guarantee (No Annual Rate Increases)
- Month-to-Month/No Long Contracts
- Upgradeable to Office/Cubicle/Desk
- Google Business Profiles Use Allowed
- Registered Agent Services Available (Add on service)

Ready to use within 2 hrs of Sign Up (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm ET) within 24hrs other times.

Business owners regularly turn to TRUE Space after bad experiences with our competitors. To avoid going
through the time consuming and expensive process of changing your business address multiple times,
choose TRUE Space. You can avoid the worst virtual office providers by watching for these red flags.

   1) No building picture ...Not good. Google the address to take a look.
   2) If they don't show the address on their website, it's definitely not going to be good - Avoid.
   3) If they advertise "unique" suite numbers, they're fake - Avoid at all cost! Using a fake suite number will actually harm your business.
   4) If they offer a free or cheap phone number - Don't use it! You need to own your number in today's digital world.
   5) If they offer any kind of virtual office "lease" or "non-binding lease", it's a scam to confuse you. It's useless and not needed.
   6) Mail scanning services simply don't work for most businesses - Avoid. (Think checks, credit/debit cards, bills, etc.)
   7) If they offer loads of "Optional Services" for micro fees - it's going to get really expensive. - Avoid.
We offer the best value in the industry. We closely monitor the competition. Anyone offering a similar sounding service for less will deliver:
headaches; hassles; lost mail; non-existent advertised services; "free" services that they soon charge you for; hidden fees; and virtually no customer service. The ones advertising $19 or $29 prices try to look legitimate, but they operate illegally without U.S. Post Office authorization to handle your mail, and have almost all of the red flag issues. Don't put your business at risk!

- TRUE Space offers real services with real value, so your business can succeed!


Why you need a TRUE Space Virtual Office!

A TRUE Space virtual office is a commercial business address, mailbox service, and business meeting place that is used to make your business appear more professional, add locations, operate more efficiently, and boost the odds of success. We're virtual office specialists!

Your TRUE Space virtual office enables you to work from anywhere with the perception that you are located at the virtual office address. The office building address provides credibility with clients, banks, vendors, and employees. When trying to build business credit you need a real U.S. Post Office recognized commercial address; and all TRUE Space locations meet that need. When forming and LLC, or incorporating you are putting your business address out there for the world to see. Separating your business life from your personal life is important so you don't end up with clients showing up at the front door of your house. 

Mail received at the virtual office address can be picked up your team or forwarded to you. Email alerts letting you know when mail arrives make your life more efficient.
Having access to meeting rooms is a must have item. Use the meeting spaces for sales meetings, one-on-one conversations, employee interviews, board meetings, etc. Project your laptop screen onto the large wall mounted monitor. Or, use the huge markerboard to train, or brainstorm with your team. The right meeting environment can do wonders for the success of your business!
Finally, a TRUE Space virtual office opens the door for online advertising and access to amazing free services like Google Business Profiles (formerly "Google My Business" and Bing Places that allow you to literally put your business on the online maps and search results. 
  • Professional Business Address
  • Business mailbox
  • Meeting Rooms
  • In Suite Directory Listing

Professional Business Address

Boost your business image, gain credibility, and win clients with a professional office building address. Use the address for everything associated with your business including: state and federal filings; bank accounts; online directories, advertising; business cards; website; etc.  

Instant credibilty

Separate your business from your personal life

Real GIS (Geographic Information Systems) address known to the U.S. Post Office, search engines, banks, and credit agencies. No fake or extended suite numbers at TRUE Space.
TRUE Space addresses are all recognized and usable with Google Business Profiles and Bing Places

Business Mailbox

Receive mail addressed to your business.

We email you when mail arrives
Easy Mail Pickup  (including Saturday hours)
Mail Forwarding  (Pay as used, No Monthly Cost)
Lowest Cost Mail Forwarding in the Industry

Meeting Rooms

Rent meeting rooms on an hourly basis for sales meetings, one-on-one conversations, inverviews, board meetings, etc. in a professional environment. 

Free Hi Speed WiFi and Ethernet

Markerboard (Giant)

Wall Mounted Monitor (HDMI or Bluetooth)
Door Code Access: Walk right in with clients

In Suite Directory Listing

Your business name is displayed on the directory in the TRUE Space office suite reception area.

TRUE Space Unique Offering!
Clients can see your business name
Helps ensure package delivery
Helps ensure overnight and express delivery

Additional Benefits

Keep Home Address Private

Use the address on public filings instead of your home address

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Access to Free Advertising

Yes, FREE advertising! With Google Business Profiles and Bing places

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Website SEO Boost

A real business address boosts your website's search ranking

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Corporate Filing Approved

Use for all corporate filings (LLC, LLP, Inc.)

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Build Business Credit

You can build business credit using our addresses. This is not possible using a residential address.

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Usable for Business License

Verified usable for local business license requirements

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Know When Mail Arrives

Receive mail alerts via email from TRUE Space when mail arrives

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Saturday Mail Pickup

Only at TRUE Space. Enjoy Saturday mail pickup

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Easy Parking for Mail Pickup

Most locations have no cost parking when picking up mail

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Merchant Services Compliance

Display address on website to comply with payment card rules

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Upgrade to Office Easily

Upgrade to a physical office while keeping the same address

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Honest Upfront Pricing

We don't believe in deceptive marketing. No hidden fees and surcharge

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Best Value in the Industry

Our low rates are designed to help you achieve success

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Rate Lock Guarantee

That's right. No annual price increases!

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No Setup Fees

We don't charge them.

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Address Within 24hrs

Your virtual office will be live within 24hrs. Usually much sooner

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Low Cost Mail Forwarding

We proudly offer the lowest cost mail forwarding in the industry

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Corporate Formation Services

We can form your LLC or corporation

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Registered Agent Services

Needed when forming a corporation (LLC, LLLP, or Inc.)

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Business Credibility

A commercial business address provides a huge image boost

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TRUE Space vs. Industry Norm

Don't get fooled by Mailbox services that advertise themselves to be "virtual offices". They are essentially a PO Box and provide little to no value to you as a business owner. A real virtul office is located in an professional office building, has rentable meeting rooms, offers business mailbox service, and you can actually pickup or have mail forwarded to you. A virtual office provides a substantial image, operations, and productivity boost. Whereas, a Mailbox Service is just a low quality address, typically limited to mail scanning service. At most Mailbox Services you can't physically get your mail which causes all kinds of problems with receiving checks, credit and debit cards, and not having envelopes to mail bills, etc.

True Space VO
Virtual Offices
Mailbox Virtual Office Services
Professional Office Building
Typically a warehouse retail mailbox store, or residential condo bldg.
Meeting Rooms Available to Rent
Real Address / Real Suite Number
Google My Business Eligible Address
Email Notification When Mail Arrives
Saturday Mail Pickup Option
Free Parking when Picking Up Mail
(Outside Urban Areas)
Abilitiy to Upgrade to office space
Directory Listing Included
Simple Up Front Pricing
Typically use teaser rates (false rates to draw you into the website). Or rate shown is lowest rate in their system, not the building near you.
Monthly rate is usually just a fraction of the actual total monthly cost
Usable for business license filing
All Costs fully Disclosed on website
Services Marketed by Others
Most allow 3rd party websites to sell their services. Clients often don't know the real virtual office operator
RATE LOCK GUARANTEE (No Annual Increases)
NO - Typically annual increase
Ability to Upgrade to office

Use Cases

Home based business

You don't want clients showing up at your front door. Separate your home from your work.

Out of town business

TRUE Space enables you to establish a presence in a city.

International business

When you need a U.S. address. TRUE Space supports clients from around the world.

Mobile Business

Your mobile business needs an address. Define your service area using your virtual office address. 

Side Hustle
Whatever your side hustle you need a business address. Separate your home from your work.